New Owner, Same Great Awards

We are proud to announce we have a new owner. Our previous owner, Lori Moen, has handed over the reins in a smooth transition to our general manager, Zenon Dawydowycz.

Not sure how to pronounce that? Don't worry, here's how: ZEH-nun DA-vi-DOH-vich. It's Ukrainian. Zenon is an active member of the Ukrainian American community.

An Award-winning Career

Zenon's career at Viking is a true story of working your way to the top. He started here at the tender age of 17 as his first job out of high school (yes, he graduated at 17!). Over the years, he worked his way up from production staff to production manager, operations manager, general manager, and now finally owner. 

Changing Times

All those years have granted Zenon copious experience. How has the industry changed during his time?

Zenon says: "Technology has had a major impact. We used to engrave by tracing letters by hand on a pantograph; now lasers and digital printers do that for us. We still retain our craftsmanship, though. For example, sandblast etch by hand remains our standard for high-quality glass work."

Toward the Future

Over the course of Zenon's tenure, our company has also grown and changed, so what can you expect in the future?

While we began with traditional trophies, we have since expanded to include much more. We now concentrate on corporate awards such as crystal, acrylic, and plaques, as well as custom apparel and promotional products.

Meanwhile, the variety of products available has exploded, from name badges to banners and everything in-between. We even help customers create custom awards based on their unique needs and vision.

"What has not changed," says Zenon, "is our commitment to customer service and quality. These remain the leading reasons for our success and longevity."